Eventiso Ticketing

manage event ticketing sales smarter and securely

Easily distribute and sell tickets online or offline, while having visibility into what was sold or outstanding

Sell tickets anywhere online

De-centralized ticketing for all event types. Manage your event ticketing on Eventiso, sell your tickets on any platform online. Eventiso allows you sell tickets on multiple websites at the same time, why restrict your sales to a single audience source?

With Eventiso, your tickets can be distributed or sold directly from your brands channel in Naira or Dollar.

Technology backed offline ticketing

Offline at the moment or remote location should be a problem with ticketing. Sell offline with our kiosk app for tickets, you can also preload the system with existing paper tickets and convert to digital. Accept cash payment, sell from any mobile device.

You can go further to assign tickets to team members and be able to account for all sales and transaction records from your Eventiso dashboard.

Multiple ticket types, easy reporting and validation

Generate tickets for single day events or multi-day events, multiple ticket types or multiple sessions/venues within one large event. Eventiso empowers you to tailor your tickets to your events without limits.

Leverage our amazing discount system to manage promotional campaigns.

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