Eventiso on-site Badge printing

Print event branded attendee badges on-arrival

Save on cost, no need pre-printing, print on demand at your venue

Customized with your brand

ink-free on-demand badging for all types of event badges - vendor, attendee, speaker, etc. Customize with your event theme and logo.

Print in less than a minute as your guest arrives or checkin at the door.

Use existing guest/vendor data

Now you don't have to print badges for guests who don't show up, or sort through your registered guest list manually. Eventiso automatically spools your guest list and prints custom name badges on a wireless printer.

Your attendees spend less time waiting at the door, no sorting, just an enhanced event experience.

Data driven with on-site support

Get reports on attendance and custom data points as required. Leverage the knowledge and support of our team during your event.

Ready to innovate your event experience ?

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